The research is focused on the analysis of composite constituents and interfaces, at different scale levels (from mechanical behavior of nanotubes to optimization of reinforcing fibers in polymer matrix through AFP), to provide analytical and numerical (Finite Element-based) tools for designing enhanced mechanical performances of heterogeneous materials and structures. The main topics are:

  • Micromechanics and homogenization of heterogeneous materials
  • Structural and topological optimization
  • Computational strategies for bioinspired composites
  • Hierarchical materials and structures
  • HP composites
  • Multiphysics approaches in mechanics of materials

With reference to Biomechanics, the research is developed in synergy with national and international institutes and is aimed to build up mechanically consistent models for describing the response of biological systems to mechanical stimuli at both the microscopic/mesoscopic (single cells and tissues) and macroscopic levels. The main activities are the following:

  • Analytical and numerical models in biomechanics
  • Tissue mechanics and growth
  • Single-cell mechanics (viscoelastic and tensegrity structures)
  • Biomechanics of macro-systems and gait analysis

For the whole research activities reported above, the personnel involved is: Raffaele Barretta, Marco Di Ludovico, Massimiliano Fraldi, Antonio Gesualdo, Federico Guarracino, Iunio Iervolino, Francesco Marmo, Francesco Marotti de Sciarra, Luciano Rosati.