The research is performed in synergy with other national and international universities and research centers in the framework of research projects that are specific for the research field (Reluis 2014-2018) and that allow the application of the research results in the structural field (PRIN 2010/11 Analisi strutturale non lineare). In particular, the following themes are developed:

  • Limit analysis of structures
  • Non-linear constitutive behavior of materials and structures
  • Non-local models in elasticity and plasticity
  • Finite elasticity
  • Numerical methods in mechanics of structures
  • Elastic-plastic buckling of pipelines
  • Development and implementation of finite elements

Involved Personnel: Raffaele Barretta, Fabio De Angelis, Ileana Corbi, Ottavia Corbi, Simona De Cicco, Marina Diaco, Massimiliano Fraldi, Antonio Gesualdo, Federico Guarracino, Francesco Marmo, Francesco Marotti de Sciarra, Mariano Modano, Mario Pasquino, Luciano Rosati, Salvatore Sessa.