The research is oriented to themes that are of interest for the constructions and coding and is in strict connection with the research in the field of seismic risk, developing innovative studies on:

  • Structural safety;
  • Simulation-based structural reliability methods;
  • Classical reliability methods (FOSM, FORM, SORM);
  • Systemic Reliability Assessment;
  • Bayesian model updating;
  • Stochastic ground motion models;
  • Life-cycle analysis;
  • Stochastic modeling of cumulative damage;
  • Stochastic modeling of aging.

The research is performed in synergy with other national and international universities and research centers in the framework of research projects that are specific for the research field (Reluis 2015, Progetto Speciale RS11, e Progetto TT2 Rischio Implicito) and that allow the application of the research results for the sustainability and protection of the built environment (Metropolis).

Involved Personnel: Rodolfo de Dominicis, Salvatore Sessa, Fatemeh Jalayer, Iunio Iervolino.