In the context of the tour to Naples that the Civil Engineering Society (Civsoc) at Imperial College have planned for a group of 70 students, the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II have organized a technical engineering day on the 1st  April 2016. Students will attend technical lectures by engineers of Municipality of Naples focused on the project of the Naples Metro Line 1. Moreover, interesting technical visits at the Municipio Station Construction site and the Art Metro stations have been organized.

The initiative was deeply appreciated by the students, as this message reflects: “Thank you for all the help and support for organising such an incredible visit for us. Without your help, this trip would not have been possible. It was insightful to hear from the professors about University of Naples Federico II and also to hear from the Metro staff about the project. The visits to the Metro stations were incredible. None of our group had seen anything like it and were amazed at some of the artwork that had been installed as well as the scale of the stations compared to London. For us to have a guided tour really gave us an unforgettable experience in Naples. Furthermore, the support in arranging our visits and coaches from the Erasmus Point team was invaluable. They were always available for us if we needed any help and collected us from the airport when we arrived giving the students advice on what to do. Thank you again for all your help in organising this amazing trip