The Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture, established 1st January 2013, inherits the teaching and research experience of the Department of Structural Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) and the Department of Engineering and Mathematical Methods in Architecture (Faculty of Architecture).
The scientific tradition carried on by the Department derives directly from the activities of the School of Application for Engineers of Bridges and Roads, which was created in Naples in March 1811 by Joachim Murat on the model of the French Ecole Polithecnique and was the first nucleus of today’s Faculty of Engineering.
Since the beginning structural subjects have played a key role, with the teachings of Luigi Giura, first graduate in 1814 and designer of the first suspended bridge in Italy, Francesco Paolo Boubée, designer of important metal structures such as the coverage of Galleria Umberto I in Naples, Carlo Luigi Ricci, great scholar of structural mechanics, and Giulio Krall, distinguished mathematician and engineer designer. To these latter ones is due the prestige of structural theaching in the Faculty of Architecture, also founded, like Engineering, in 1935.
More recently the cultural tradition of Neapolitan School of Structural Engineering has been honoured by the scientific work of Adriano Galli, extraordinary teacher and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and his students Vincenzo Franciosi, Elio Giangreco and Aldo Raithel, who founded the three historical Institutes of Structural Mechanics, Structural Engineering and Construction of Bridges. At the same time in the Faculty of Architecture Franco Jossa, Head of the Construction Institute by him founded and Dean of the Faculty, recognized the main role that structural subjects must hold in the training of an architect.
The Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture so reconstitues, after half a century, the unity of Neapolitan School, merging advanced theoretical and experimental research with great cultural tradition and teaching. Are thus collected in a single structure all the academic and research activities related both to Science and Structural Engineering, always a reference for our scientific, professional and business community.