• EQUALJOINTSEuropean pre-QUALified steel JOINTS is financed in the framework of European Research fund for Coal and Steel. This research project is concerned with the pre-qualification of all-steel Beam-to-Column joints in steel structures and it is aimed at introducing a codified practice currently missing in Europe. Coordinator: Raffaele Landolfo
  • ELISSA – The European project Energy Efficient LIghtweight-Sustainable-SAfe-Steel Construction is devoted to the development and demonstration of cold-formed steel modular systems. These systems are nano-enhanced prefabricated lightweight steel skeleton/dry wall construction with improved thermal, vibration/seismic and fire performance, resulting from the inherent thermal, damping and fire spread prevention properties. The project plans the study of the different physical perfomance on the basis of three levels: micro-scale, meso-scale and macro-scale. Coordinator for UR UNINA: Raffaele Landolfo
  • FREEDAM project aims at the development of a new design strategy whose goal is the design of connections able to withstand without any damage the rotation demands due to seismic events, namely Free From Damage Connections. Coordinator for UR UNINA: Raffaele Landolfo


  • METROPOLIS Project aims at defining methodologies and sustainable, innovative technologies to assess and manage natural and man-caused hazards in urban environment. It also aims at outlining mitigation strategies based on Decision Support Systems tools. Coordinator: Gerardo Verderame
  • METRICS Project aims at industrial research and development of technologies to improve sustainability and safety in Historical Districts of towns. The project deals with both single, historical buildings and historical districts and develops solutions which always take into account the town fabric and allow to increase structural safety of buildings and infrastructures and therefore improve the quality of life of dwellers and citizens. All projects issues are faced in a framework of environmental and social sustainability. Coordinator: Andrea Prota


  • DPC-RELUIS 2014-2018 – In the framework of this project the department develops activities in several general research lines (e.g. Masonry, R.C., Steel and Composites structures etc.) as well as within Territorial themes and Special projects.
  • PRIN 2010/11 – Advanced mechanical modeling of new materials and new technologies for the European 2020 challenges (scientific responsible: Gaetano Manfredi)
  • PRIN 2010/11 – Non linear structural analysis (scientific responsible: Luciano Rosati)